Stand Types

Custom Build Exhibition Stands

The "Custom Stand" option leaves the Exhibitor Company with complete liberty to customise its stand as they please. The decoration is provided by the stand builder of your choice.
Expo Turco can supply from the most elaborate to the most simple of designs with cost effective solutions to meet all budget requirements. If the Exhibitor requirements are more complex, then the architectures, skilled designers and stand builders guarantee that the craftsmanship and attention to detail you expect will be met at every stage. We will provide value for money, good quality products, accompanied with a friendly customer service.

Modular Exhibition Stands - Custom Modular

Typically made from aluminum, this option provides amazing potential to change the size, look and feel of the stand depending on which show you are attending.
This flexible approach can be used to substantially reduce costs especially if you are dealing with a global program.

Maxima Exhibition Stands

"MAXIMA" is standard of premium class. It is one of the new trends in the exhibition industry introduced by the German Octanorm prefabricated stand system. The basic element of the system used for a variable exhibition stand constructions is a square-shaped supporting profiles.